Rhonda Y Miller


I've been interested in photography for more than a decade. I bought my first digital camera back in 2002.  I now shoot with a Nikon D850 full frame.

Several years ago I decided the YouTube tutorials and searching the internet weren’t enough so I invested in formal training through The Photography Institute. I graduated from that course and have never stopped wanting to learn more. I’ve taken many other online classes as well. Here is a comment from one of my tutors:

"Excellent work at nature & landscape photography. You are able to capture fantastic moments & colors in highlights & reflections. You have a very strong eye for this kind of photography. You obviously know when the right time of day is to take photos. My only recommendation would be to keep up the great work. It was a pleasure to view your images."

My favorite subjects are nature and wildlife but I love to photograph people and events as well. I have lived in Superior, Wisconsin all my life. My husband and I love this area and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. This is home.