Prices - WinsorSnaps Photography LLC

Prints and Wall Art: Priced individually.  Hit the "buy" button to see prices according to product.


Portraits: including individual, family, grads, etc. range from $250 - $375. You will receive a link to all your edited photos where you may purchase prints through me or through my website (or download the photos to your own computer and purchase anywhere you like). Larger families and longer sessions may run more.

Events: (weddings not included) Same pricing/details as above depending on length of time. This may run more or less. Contact me to give me details and ask questions..

Other ServicesIndividual Photography lessons: $23/hour or 5 sessions for $100. I will teach you the basics of photography and go over some of the basic features of a camera. Editing instruction using Lightroom also $23/hour. I will teach you how to do basic edits on a photo. Or get a group together and for a group of 5 or more it will run $15 per person per hour.

Birth Day Photos: I will meet you at the hospital before or after or during (your choice) to take photos. All photos will be discreet. I do not schedule these but am available to contact at the last minute and if my schedule allows for it I will come. Cost: $50/hour.  You will receive a link to all your photos where you may place an order or download them to your own computer. All prices will include a release so you may print them at the photo lab of your choosing (but you can't beat the quality of my photo lab).